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We are keen to support you to feel confident to maintain your focus on your mental health.

Below outlines OUR POLICY to minimise your risk:

Above all, please do not attend the clinic if you are sick. We do not apply cancellation fees for illness. Please call us to let us know and we can make other arrangements for you.

  1. We are committed to ensure our team are healthy when they are at work.

  2. Whilst you are in the clinic we are committed to reducing your risk of exposure to illness whilst attending your appointments onsite.

  3. Please use the hand sanitiser when you enter the clinic.

  4. We are adopting social distancing and endeavouring to maintain a distance of 1.5m between therapist and client and also our reception team and clients. 

  5. We have half an hour between appointments to reduce cross over of clients.

  6. We ask that you remain outside of the clinic until your appointment time.

  7. Only 1 person will be in the room with the therapist at any one time.

  8. We ask that you use the designated waiting area and observe all signs in the clinic.

  9. Eftpos tap will be able to be accessed at the time of your appointment. 

  10. Telehealth services are up and running. You session may be able to be conducted via a video or phone link. We will contact you to discuss these options in the coming days.

  11. Remember, focus on your mental health. It is as important as ever.

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