Child Adolescent and Adult Assessments

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Psychometric, Educational and ADHD Assessments
DSM 5 Diagnostic Assessment 
Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnostic Assessment

Our Cognitive Clinic offers a unique IDEAL approach to assessment which incorporates individually, tailored, easy to understand, assessment of learning for individuals struggling to meet the demands of everyday life. This allows us to quickly and accurately identify areas of concern in order to implement intervention.


Our Cognitive Clinic also offers Working Memory and Attention Training. These training platforms are evidence-based and coach supported.

Reading + Spelling


Assessments cover many aspects of reading and spelling:

Phonics (reading and spelling)
Sight word reading and spelling
Reading fluency
Reading Comprehension
Letter identification
Letter sound knowledge
Morphological Spelling (recognition, understanding and use of word parts)

Cogmed Working Memory Training

Three reasons Cogmed is different to other ‘brain training’.

  1. Based on scientific research that has been peer reviewed.

  2. Documented sustainable change in working memory and non-trained behavior such as attention and capacity to learn.

  3. Support of a qualified coach.

  4. Cogmed is NDIA Approved.

Attention Training

We offer the TALI Health attention training platform for children aged 3-8 years. TALI is NDIA Approved.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Psychological or Psychometric Assessment?

Our Cognitive Clinic proudly offers our unique I.D.E.A.L. approach to Diagnostic Psychological Assessment. Our Individually Tailored Easy to understand Assessments for Learning, including cognition (IQ), education, social, emotional and behavioural development, ensures that we find solutions to often complex problems that the individual is facing when we first meet. An assessment is all about explaining what is going on by understanding the individual’s profile of strengths, any gaps that may help explain difficulties, and most importantly, providing recommendations on what is next! Jackie Schell is a highly experienced Clinical Psychologist with a holistic scientific approach, who uses a variety of specialised tests and assessment tools to observe your behaviour, abilities and areas of your life that need support.

What are the benefits of a psychological assessment?

  • To understand how we think: this is called IQ testing or a test of Cognitive Functioning
  • To understand if attention and concentration is based in neurological disorders, like ADHD
  • To understand academic achievement to uncover Learning Difficulties
  • To determine memory capacity – short term memory/working memory/long-term memory
  • To understand emotional, behavioural, social and functional aspects of everyday life
  • To determine or clarify diagnoses
  • And to help demonstrate improvements over time

Who is eligible?

New and existing clients are welcome. Referrals are NOT needed for Assessments.

Our Cognitive Clinic Guarantee

We use gold standard testing methods that align with current professional and legislative standards. We provide detailed reports of your results to help you access the support you need.

What if my child has had aspects of an assessment already completed at school?

If your child has previously had aspects of an assessment (e.g. An IQ has already been completed) then the cost of the assessment can be revised to take that into account.