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diagnostic assessment

autism spectrum disorder

(from 4 years)

Our ASD Assessment Package: Assesses cognitive and behavioural functioning to confirm or refute an ASD diagnosis. This assessment aligns with the current gold standard for ASD diagnosis.

  • Autism Observation Diagnostic Assessment (ADOS)

  • Autism Diagnostic Interview with Parents/Caregivers

  • A clinical Assessment of Behaviour

  • Adaptive Behavior Assessment

  • An IQ Assessment

  • Speech Assessment (we do not provide speech assessments at our clinic)


NB: We do screen children in our initial interview process. If they have traits that are NOT consistent with Autism, we do not progress to a full assessment. We usually conduct a parent interview with the child initially in order to determine whether a full assessment is needed. A full assessment does not guarantee a diagnosis will be made. Rather it teases out confusing symptoms in order to confirm or refute an ASD Diagnosis