You will receive a text to confirm your appointment 1 week in advance. You must reply Y or call 02 9482 2233 to reschedule at that time. We will then receive an SMS 3 days prior to your appointment requesting prepayment for the appointment. Our admin team will contact you for payment which can be made by Credit Card over the phone, or via EFT. 

Appointment Fees:


Preparatory Online Course (self-paced):  $247.00

Concrete Steps for Parents is a self-paced program that offers introductory theory and practical strategies that seek to improve or enhance your child's mental fitness. The seven steps included in this course comprise 'psychological first aid'.  The course seeks to empower the parent through providing  basic theory and grounding strategies that will help you to help your child. It will also provide an introductory framework for individual therapy with a psychologist. We hope you enjoy the program.

Initial Parent Interview (Telehealth Session): $235.00 

Child Clinical Interview (In Person) : $235.00 

Ongoing Therapy Session Fees: $235.00


Standard sessions for all clients are 50-55 minutes. Extended sessions are charged pro-rata rate based on the standard sessional rate. Extended sessions may be recommended during treatment to allow sufficient time to apply new skills with the support of a therapist. Following the child clinical interview, we conduct one parallel parent coaching session initially to discuss the treatment plan and also to cover parent management issues around behaviour. In our experience, parent coaching sessions enhance the child's therapeutic outcomes. 

Assessment Fees costs do vary. Information regarding the cost of an assessment and an individually designed testing format is discussed at the initial consultation. Assessment fees must be settled at the time of the assessment appointment. Reports are emailed 2-3 weeks following the assessment. A 15 minute feedback session can be arranged via telehealth or phone.

Sessions held outside of the clinic have a different cost structure. Please don't hesitate to give us a call with any enquiries. School meetings are charged at the ongoing therapy session rate of $235.00.

Assessments Fees

Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessments

Includes all testing, testing materials as well as a comprehensive report, feedback session & liaison with 3rd party if required.

Assessments fees are required to be prepaid.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnostic Assessment

Includes all testing, testing materials as well as a comprehensive report, feedback session & liaison with 3rd party if required.

Assessment Fees are required to be prepaid.

DSM 5 Diagnostic Assessment for NDIS Purposes

Some NDIS plans may cover the cost of this service. Fees are charge at our normal rates for assessment.

Assessments fees are required to be prepaid..


The Initial Parent Interview and Child Clinical Interview is needed in order to determine which suite of assessments is needed to be the most helpful. 


Please Phone our friendly team on 02 9482 2233 or email if you would to book an initial consultation.

Therapy Fees

Online Parent Education Course


Initial Parent Interview 


Child Clinical Interview


Please note: ongoing fees per session are $235.00. We are not a bulk billing practice.


The Clinical Psychology medicare rebate with a VALID referral for a 50-60 minute session is $129.55. 

We welcome non-medicare referrals.