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Diagnostic Assessments

1. Cognitive (IQ/Psychometric) Assessment (2½ - 89+ years): Giftedness Assessment  

A specialised assessment of intellectual strengths & needs, including verbal and nonverbal problem solving, working memory and speed of processing information. We use the gold standard Wechsler tests (WPPSI, WISC V, WAIS IV) to assess individuals across the lifespan.

2. Academic (Educational) Assessment (5 - 18 years)

A group of tests that are needed to determine patterns of strengths and needs in a person's educational profile. We test for Specific Learning Disorders to help explain presenting problems a child or adolescent may be experiencing. Typically, people present are concerned about a:

  • Reading Disorder (Dyslexia) 

  • Mathematics Disorder (Dyscalculia)

  • Disorder of Writing /Written Expression (Dysgraphia)

  • Disorder of Oral Expression including Verbal Fluency

We use the Wechsler Tests (WAIT III) and also a suite of Macquarie University Tests developed and used in the Macquarie University Reading Cognition Clinic (MURC).

3. Attention and Concentration (ADHD)

This is an assessment to investigate the presence of ADHD. This is a neurodevelopmental (from birth a condition that is brain-based) condition that most people associate with but not limited to; impulsivity, hyperactivity, emotional regulation, working memory, planning and organisation and an inability to stop distractions. We use observations of the individual, parents and teachers as well as a state of the art computer-based continuous performance test. From these tests we can ascertain core problems with sustained or prolonged attention. Current diagnostic guidelines recommend that a IQ Test be completed as part of an ADHD assessment. You will be asked to completed electronic rating forms at the time of the assessment and you may hear terms like; Conners 3, BASC 3, Brief 2, CAB, CAARS. We choose which tool to use based on how the individual is presenting. 

Your child is MORE THAN A CHECKLIST OF SYMPTOMS! When assessing for conditions like ADHD we want to make sure there is NO OTHER explanation for these symptoms. Poor sleep hygiene, diet, and even people with high IQ's can look like they have an attention problem. A THOROUGH INVESTIGATION and skilled interpretation is needed to diagnose ADHD. REMEMBER YOUR Child is MORE THAN JUST A CHECKLIST OF SYMPTOMS!

4. Complex Assessment Platform

NEURO-COGNITIVE ASSESSMENT includes a combinations of the above assessments, including Social, Emotion and Behaviour

We see many kids and adolescents with very complex emotional and/or behavioural presentations. A single assessment will not answer ALL questions that may need to be answered. 

The initial parent appointment at Hornsby Kuringai Clinical Psychology is vital in determining which pathway of assessment is needed. We want to treat you or or loved one as holistically as possible. This helps to guide the next steps following assessment. We VALUE the feedback session and also any aftercare that may be needed to ensure the assessment report is understood by all interested parties following assessment. 

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