Three Phase Therapy Process

Developed through more than 20 years clinical experience, Jackie has a proven track record in delivering her three phase clinical strategy for therapeutic clients.


Phase one is parent focused and information gathering. In this phase parents are required to enrol in a self-paced online program to provide early coping strategies whilst waiting for their initial parent interview. The appointment for the parent interview will be made following enrolment in the program.


Phase two consists of meeting the child in person at a 1:1 session. Treatment targets are identified and a treatment plan made at that time. Therapy sessions are subsequently booked. An integral part of achieving favourable outcomes is the scheduling of at least one parent coaching session. This session is an opportunity to provide guidance to parents to empower them in the therapeutic process. Parents can book ongoing parent coaching sessions in parallel to the child's therapy sessions, if they require ongoing support. 

Phase three is focused on lapse/relapse prevention. Parent coaching or continued therapy sessions are offered in this phase.