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Jackie Schell

Clinical Psychologist

Jackie is passionate about providing a premium assessment service for children aged 4 to 18 years. She is dedicated to following due process, by holding a pre-assessment, planning, parent interview. This is to ensure the right assessment is chosen for your child in order to answer ALL referral question/s. This helps when making recommendations for next steps. 



Jackie has extensive experience in assessing children and adolescents, be it with complex emotional and behavioural difficulties or learning difficulties, as well as for opportunities for school readiness or selective school applications. We have developed a state of the art Cognitive Clinic which is continually being updating with the latest assessment tools. 

The initial parent appointment forms part of the assessment process. At the end of the this session Jackie will ensure she's heard what you need and guide you from there. 




Child & Adolescent Assessment Clinic


Diagnostic Assessments   

Intellectual Ability (IQ Testing)

IQ Testing for Giftedness/Selective School Applications/Opportunity for Extension

IQ Assessment for Strengths Profile to assist in developing optimum learning environments

Academic Ability Assessment for:

   Specific Learning Disorders  

     Dyslexia (Reading) 

     Dysgraphia (Writing)     

     Dyscalculia (Mathematics)

ADHD Diagnostic Assessment

Executive Functioning Assessment

AUTISM Assessment (4+ years)

NDIS DSM 5 Assessments

Memory Assessment


Behavioural Assessments

    Impulsive Control/Conduct Problems


Training Platforms

    Tali Health Attention Training (Children 3-8 years)

           Cogmed Working Memory (7+)


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(02) 9482 7899

Other Contacts:

Mental Health Line: 1800 011 511
Life Line: 13 11 14
Kids Helpline: 1800 551 800
Parent Line NSW: 1300 130 053