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Jackie Schell

Clinical Psychologist

Jackie is passionate about helping you to simply 'feel better'. Sometimes that means providing quick solutions and strategies in just a few sessions. Other times, feeling better might mean helping you to make continual progress through whatever situation it is that you, your child or a loved one might be facing. 





Jackie has extensive experience in working with children and adolescents with complex emotional and behavioural difficulties. She seeks to empower parents and carers to be calm and confident in using strategies that have been discussed through our Parent Coaching Service. Jackie is committed to short term therapy. The goal is to help practically, in the fewest of sessions possible in order to meet the current need. 

Jackie is also passionate about diagnostic assessment for ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disorders, Intellectual Giftedness, or Delay. We have developed a state of the art Cognitive Clinic which is continually being updating with the latest assessment tools. 

Gold standard practise is to hold an initial appointment that seeks to guide assessment or treatment options. The initial session is shaped as a semi-structured interview, with an emotional and/or behaviour preliminary screener. At the end of the this session Jackie will ensure she's heard what you need and guide you from there. 



Child Adolescent Adult Assessment Clinic


Diagnostic Assessments:  

IQ Assessment for Giftedness
IQ Assessment for Intellectual Disability

Educational Screening and Assessment for:

   Specific Learning Disorders  

   Dyslexia (Reading) 

   Dysgraphia (Writing)     

   Dyscalculia (Mathematics)

ADHD Screening and Diagnostic

AUTISM Assessment (4+ years)


Full NEUROCOGNITIVE ASSESSMENT for COMPLEX PRESENTATIONS is recommended. This approach is preferred for very complex emotional and behavioural presentations.


A combination of the above assessments is chosen based on the referral being asked at the initial appointment. 


NDIS Assessments 
(Self-Managed, Plan Managed and NDIA Managed)

DSM-5 Diagnostic: This is requested by NDIS. 

**We hold NDIS Verification Quality Assurance: this means we can conduct assessments and therapy under CB Daily Living Therapeutic Supports (Psychology) for NDIA Managed NDIS Participants.

**Please note: for NDIA Managed clients refer on for Behaviour Support and also for ECEI for under 7's/ 


Training Platforms

    Tali Health Attention Training (Children 3-8 years)

           Cogmed Working Memory (7+ to Adult)





     We offer the following including but not limited to:


     Children: Early Years and Primary Aged

 .        Parent Coaching for difficult behavioural problems

Anger Management

Anxiety: All types including performance anxiety
ADHD CBT and ADHD Coaching

Autism: Skills Building and Emotional Regulation


Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Conduct Disorders
Coping with Bullying
Grief and Loss

NDIS: CB Daily Living Therapeutic Supports


Adults: We offer a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

approach. CBT is a very practical therapy that is 

evidence based. Most people might know a little about CBT. It is a short term therapy which for adults helps individuals feel better through changes in day to day behaviour. We also take a deep dive into

identifying thinking patterns that might keep a person

'stuck' in whatever it is they are facing.



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