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Do I need a referral to see a Psychologist?

A Referral is NOT required to see our psychologists. If you do have a valid Letter of Referral and Mental Health Plan from a GP, or a Letter of Referral from a Paediatrician or Psychiatrist, you can access a Medicare rebate on your session. Up to 10 sessions are available per calendar year. Medicare mandate that an initial course of treatment is typically 6 sessions unless the doctor specifies LESS than 6 sessions. We will write back to your doctor following the initial session to let them know that we have commenced working with you. We are then mandated by Medicare to write again to the GP following your 6th session. You will be asked to return to your doctor at this point following the 6th session for re-referral. Prior to the 7th session, Medicare require that we have another note or letter from your referring doctor prior stating that we can continue treatment if that is appropriate. At all times, you will be involved in the decision making process about your treatment plan and continuity or cessation of same. WE WILL TALK YOU THROUGH THIS WHEN YOU CONTACT OUR CLINIC.

What is the Medicare Rebate?

If eligible, the rebate on Clinical Psychology services is $126.50. It is a requirement that you settle our fee at the time of your consultation. We can then process your claim for your rebate through our practice management software. This saves your time. Often the medicare rebate is in your account within 24-48 hours.

What if the appointment is for my child?

Children hold their own Mental Health Plans and Letter of Referral. It is a practice requirement to attend an initial parent planning session prior to the child's first clinical session. This is to gather important information about your child's presenting issues as well as conducting an in-depth developmental history to be able to inform the best evidence-based process in moving forward with your child. Parent planning sessions do not attract a medicare rebate. You may be able to approach your private health insurer with regards to rebates offered by the private insurer. We do not process private insurance claims onsite, however, we will email you a copy of your paid invoice to be submitted by you at your convenience.

What information is required before attending the first appointment?

We will discuss the intake process with you when you call. Our friendly client care team will email you an information pack which contains background information and other intake forms. We ask that you complete and return these forms as soon as possible prior to attending your first appointment. This process will help you with your thoughts prior to attending and, it also helps our psychologists get to know you a little before you arrive. We aim to help you feel at ease.

What if my child has had aspects of an assessment already completed at school?

If your child has previously had aspects of an assessment (e.g. An IQ has already been completed) then the cost of the assessment can be revised to take that into account.

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